" Working with Mr. Colgur has helped me grasp chemistry in a way i never thought i could!
He's a great teacher that is beyond helpful and he made it easy for me to learn chemistry!
If you're struggling with chemistry, asking Mr. Colgur is the best thing you could do for yourself.
Chemistry 12 was my worst subject, and with Mr. Colgur's help i completed the subject with a mark i never thought i could achieve! 
I don't think i could ever thank him enough for all of his help, Mr. Colgur is the most patient, understanding and helpful teacher i have ever worked with
Guaranteed, you'll feel more comfortable with your material after your first session of working with him! " A student from Surrey BC

"My daughter was struggling with chemistry from grade eleven to twelve, in the summer of 2011 we came across Mr Colgur online. Her first report card with the results of her Chemistry 12, was an indication that she was in major problems. Mr. Colgur started working with my daughter two to four times a week online, her grades improved drastically. Mr. Colgur is a dedicated teacher, he taught my daughter valuable study skills, and patiently allowing her, to realize that she was capable of achieving her goal. By the end of the semester, my daughter's grade improved over 100%. With her grades, my daughter  was able to be accepted into any university to pursue her dream in the medical field. I cannot begin to thank Mr. Colgur for working so diligently with my daughter. If your child is struggling, I strongly recommend Mr. Colgur. He truly is the best, you won't be disappointed!"

"I owe my A in chemistry to Mr. C. Ever since he started tutoring me, not only did the concepts become very easy to understand, I noticed that chemistry sucked a lot less. I was struggling in the subject, and was frustrated with the HW assignments and classwork since our teacher was not explaining things in class. I was also not doing well on my tests. With every tutoring session, with Mr. C, I mastered the skills of problem-solving, and eventually got an A in Honors Chemistry. If you are stuck and ask him any question a zillion times, he will find unique ways to explain the concept till he is sure that you understood it properly. I am so glad he was my tutor. He is unique in so many different ways- he loves to teach, and you will see a difference from the very first session with him. Call me if you need to hear more about my experiences as a student of Mr. C."  (Contact me at for this student's phone number.)

"I wish I'd had a chance to say a proper thank you in person to you for being such a fantastic teacher. Dů  had a terrific experience in your sessions and from what I could observe, I can see why. You have such enthusiasm and patience. With your help Dů actually enjoys learning Chemistry 12. Something he initially thought difficult if not impossible to learn. The skype /idroo  tutoring was amazing.  I had to convince my son to try this method of tutoring as he was reluctant initially but with your help he actually likes it."

"I also want to personally thank you for all your help. It truly did make chemistry 12 a lot more fun and easy. The one to one tutoring gave me experiences that really helped me on the tests and provincial, and chemistry in general."