The Solar System

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1. an element that makes the surface of Io yellow in colour

3. The surface of Mercury has many _______

5. these devices prevented Mars landers from being destroyed on landing (2 words together)

6. A spacecraft that landed on Mars in July 1997 and released a small rover called Sojouner. Many images were sent back to Earth.

7. a chunk of rock and ice in a large elliptical orbit around the sun. As it gets close to the sun, it forms a tail.

11. the largest moon of Saturn is called Titan and it is the only moon in the solar system known to have an _____

14. The 4 largest moons of Jupiter are Callisto, Io, Europa and __________

15. large chunks of rock orbiting between Mars and Jupiter.

17. an outer planet that is not a gas giant

18. a moon of Jupiter on which volcanic activity was found

21. a gas that is very plentiful in the atmosphere of Venus (2 words together)

22. The Magellan spacecraft was able to see the surface of Venus through the clouds by using ______


1. the planet with the largest ring system

2. an icy cold planet with blue clouds

4. a terrestial planet between Earth and Jupiter

8. the outer planets are thought to have atmospheres rich in the gases hydrogen, helium and __________

9. the name of the mission which succesfully landed on Mars in January 2004 and started sending back images.

10. a moon of the planet Pluto

12. A falling chunk of rock that makes it all the way to the Earth's surface without completely burning up.

13. the planet closest to our sun

16. a gigantic hurricane on the surface of Jupiter is called the Great Red ____

19. the largest planet in our solar system

20. the name of a spacecraft that gave us a lot of information about Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in the 1970's and 1980's.


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