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 Science 9 Student Information (pdf)
 Science 9 Chemistry Outline  (pdf

 "Where Are They" Activity (pdf)
 WarningSymbols (pdfHazard Flash Cards 
 Matter Flash Cards
 Act2BMatter&ItsChanges (pdf)
Phys.Chem.ChangesHomeAssignment (pdf)
 Worksheet2-1SomeCommomChemRx (pdf
 Activity 2C Testing for Gases(pdf)
 Act2D&EMassReactantsProducts&Gas (pdf)
Chapter 2 Crossword-Non-interactive   
Chapter 2 Crossword-Interactive
 Flash Cards Chapter 2 #2
 Meet the Elements (pdf
 Web-ElementsAssignment (pdf)
 Activity 3C-Looking At Compounds (pdf)
 Activity3D-Chemical Reactions and Formulas (pdf)
Worksheet 3-1Chemical Formulas & Names (pdf)
 Ch3Crossword-Interactive (Non-Interactive)
 MiniLabonHeat (pdf
 Act4BEnergyStoredinFood (pdf
 Worksheet4-1HeatCalculations (pdf)
 ExcelGraphsforExpt4C (pdf
 Act4EConcentration&SurfaceArea (pdf
 Act4FInvestigatingCatalysts (pdf)
 Acids and Bases Properties (Power Point)
 Worksheet5-1HouseholdChemicals (pdf)
 Ch4_5Crossword Interactive ( Non-Interactive)
Chapter 4 & 5 Review (pdf)
Chapter 4 & 5 Review KEY  (pdf)



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