Chapter 2 Vocabulary

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1. a mixture in which you can see different particles (2 words together)

5. a substance may change shape or form but it is still the same substance(2 words together)

6. a mixture which looks like a pure substance

8. a system in which materials can come in to or move out of easily

12. a pure substance made up of 2 or more kinds of atoms

13. more than one pure substance physically combined

16. the Law of _____ of Mass states that mass is neither lost nor gained in a chemical reaction in a closed system

19. a clear solution of nitrogen, oxygen and a few other gases

20. limewater turning cloudy is a positive test for (2 words together)

21. another name for a chemical change (2 words together)

22. a new substance formed by a chemical reaction

23. a physical change from a solid directly to a gas

24. a system in which no materials may move in or out


2. a chemical reaction which happens to iron and makes it break down

3. made up of only one kind of atom

4. something you start with in a chemical reaction

5. a characteristic of something

6. a milky mixture

7. "carbon + oxygen --> carbon dioxide" is an example of a....(2 words together)

9. either an element or a compound (2 words together)

10. another name for the chemical reaction of burning

11. anything which has mass and takes up space

14. a change in which (a)new substance(s) is (are) formed. Also called a chemical reaction. (2 words together)

15. cobalt chloride paper turning from blue to white or pink is a positive test for ___

17. always a reactant when something burns in air

18. a physical change from a liquid to a gas


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