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3. an endothermic process used to make food taste better and be safer to eat

4. the green roof on the Hotel Vancouver is due to compounds of __

7. poisons and high amounts of __ can deactivate enzymes

9. tells whether a solution is acidic or basic is an acid-base ___

11. when reactants have a smaller surface area, the reaction will be (faster/slower) than with a larger surface area

13. a substance which increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being consumed

14. a reaction that releases energy to the surroundings is

16. strong bases are used in some household ___ cleaners

18. a solution which turns bromthymol blue yellow and litmus red

19. the speed of a chemical reaction is also called reaction ___

21. a molecule of ___ has one end which dissolves in water and one end which dissolves in grease or oil.

23. increasing the temperature of a reaction will almost always ____ the reaction rate

26. cyanide is a ___ which blocks the action of an enzyme in the body

27. harmless acids are usually ___ acids

28. raw tissue from this organ makes hydrogen peroxide decompose faster

29. The formula 6 x 'l" squared gives the ___ area of a cube

31. the amount of solute dissolved in a given volume of solution is called the

32. an endothermic reaction used by plants to store energy from the sun

33. if the concentration of hydrochloric acid is increased, the reaction with zinc will be (faster/slower)

34. the breaking down of a metal


1. the part of a solution present in the larger amount is called the

2. the part of a solution present in the smaller amount is called the

5. an extremely fast exothermic reaction is called an __

6. a solution with high concentration is said to be

8. a catalyst in a living organism

10. the energy stored in a substance is called ___ energy

12. provides information about a product

15. oven cleaners contain sodium ___, which is strong base and harmful to skin and eyes

16. a solution with low concentration is said to be

17. acid + base --> water + a salt is a word equation for the process called ____

20. turns phenolphthalein pink

22. a unit used to measure heat energy

24. a uniform mixture of a solute and solvent is called a

25. exhaust products in cars are broken down by a catalytic __

30. a reaction in which the temperature of the surroundings decreases


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