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Worksheet, Experiments and Notes

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Science 9 Biology Outline (pdf)
 Worksheet6-1Carbohydrates (pdf)
 Experiment6-1TestingForCarbohydrates (pdf)
 Worksheet6-2Fats (pdf)
 Experiment6-2TestingForFats (pdf
Crossword on Carbohydrates and Fats (Interactive)
 Worksheet6-3Proteins (pdf)

 Experiment6-3TestingForProteins (pdf
Crossword on Proteins (Interactive)

 Worksheet6-4Vitamins&Minerals (pdf
 Experiment6-4TestingForVitaminC (pdf
Crossword on Vitamins and Minerals (Interactive)

 Worksheet6-5FibreAndWater (pdf
 Activity6DSellThatNutrient (pdf
 Worksheet6-6FoodProcessing (pdf
 Nutrition Review (pdf)

 Nutrition Review KEY (pdf)
 Human Poster (Digestion) (pdf)
 Human Poster (Respiration)  (pdf)
HumanPosterAlternateAssignment_Respiration (WORD)
HumanPosterAlternate_CirculationAssignment (WORD)
 Worksheet7-1Mouth, Esophagus and  
 Worksheet7-2Small&LargeIntestine (pdf)
 Chapter7Notes-pdf (WORD)

 Chapter 7 Crossword (Interactive)

 AnEnzymeAtWorkExperiment (pdf
 Chapter8Notes-pdf (WORD)
 Worksheet8_1RespirationandHowWeBreathe (WORD)
 Respiration 8.1 & 8.2 Crossword 
 Worksheet8_2SingleBreath&TakingCare (WORD)

 Activity8EVitalCapacity (pdf
 Sc9-Section8-4 Crossword (
Interactive  if interactive doesn't work, click HERE )
 QuestionsontheBreathofLife (pdf
 Section 9.1 Crossword (Interactive)
 Heart Poster Assignment (pdf)
 Activity9C-ChangingtheBeat (pdf
 Worksheet 9-1 Blood & the Circulatory  
 Heart Assignment. (WORD)
 Worksheet 9-2 Circulatory System Health   
 and Excretion

Sites for Worksheet 6-2Fats:

Site forWorksheet 6-3 Proteins

Lung animation

 Iron lung 1  Iron lung 2
 Polio Survivors in Iron Lung

Heart animation:

Heart Dissection Pictures:

 Frog Dissection Guide

 Virtual Frog Dissection Site