Chapter 7 Crossword

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5. teeth near the back of your mouth. They grind your food

6. 75% water and 25% solids make up this mixture in the large intestine

7. the processes by which the body gets rid of undigestible material

8. condition in the which the feces is quite watery and needs to be eliminated frequently

9. in the stomach _____ are broken down into amino acids

12. a liquid which breaks large fat droplets into smaller ones, thus increasing their surface area

14. the process by which nutrients move into the cells lining the small intestine

16. several types of tissue grouped together to perform a specific function in the body form an ...

19. a group of organs which work together to perform bodily functions eg. digestion, respiration etc.

20. series of muscular contractions which move food through the small intestine and esophagus

21. the same type of cells grouped together


1. organ which stores bile (2 words joined)

2. breaking large molecules into smaller ones with the help of digestive enzymes is called ___ digestion

3. condition in which feces remains in the rectum and large intestine for longer than usual

4. a liquid in your mouth which contains digestive enzymes

10. fleshy flap that covers the trachea while swallowing

11. section of the large intestine which expands to store feces

13. an organ which produces a substance which neutralizes acidic material coming out of the stomach into the small intestine

15. cause blockage of bile and severe pain. Formed from cholesterol in the bile. (2 words joined)

17. tube leading from the throat to the stomach

18. an organ which produces bile, stores useful substances and breaks down unusable substances


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