Reproduction Crossword

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  1. once a zygote begins to divide it is called an ___
  2. a female gamete is called an __
  3. stage of mitosis in which chromosomes first become visible
  4. a cell that contains only one of each homologous chromosome (ie half the number of chromosomes of a "normal" cell) are said to be ___
  5. a reproductive cell which is haploid is called a ____
  6. a substance which can cause a mutation is called a ____
  7. a structure in which materials from the mother and the embryo diffuse from one to the other is called the ___
  8. all types of reproduction in which the offspring are genetically identical to the parent
  9. chromosomes _______ or replicate during the late stage of interphase
  10. plants that send out runners or rhizomes are reproducing by a method called ____ reproduction (asexual is not the answer here)
  11. a tumor which has stopped growing and will not spread throughout the body is said to be ___
  12. a male gamete is called a ___
  13. penicillium reproduces by producing and spreading ____, which under the right conditions can grow into a new organism
  14. the type of asexual reproduction used by yeast cells
  15. phase of mitosis in which the paired chromatids are pulled apart by spindle fibres
  16. a harmful substance that can pass from the mother to the developing fetus and cause a condition in the fetus called FAS
  17. the last stage of mitosis when new nuclear membranes start to form around the daughter nuclei. The cell has not completely divided yet.
  18. at about 8 weeks after fertilization, a human embryo becomes what is called a ___
  19. _____ light is a known mutagen
  20. the part of the cell cycle in which growth takes place.
  21. a human gamete contains _____ three chromosomes
  22. a tumor which continues to grow and can spread cancer cells throughout the body is said to be ___


  1. cells that contain pairs of homologous chromosomes are said to be ____
  2. uncontrolled cell division can lead to a "lump" or "growth" which is called a ____
  3. the process in which a broken piece of an organism grows into a whole new organism
  4. a bacterium divides into two new bacteria in a process called binary ____
  5. the ____ cord supplies nutrients and oxygen to the developing fetus
  6. the process which produces gametes from normal cells is __
  7. stage of mitosis when paired chromatids line up along the equator of the cell
  8. a substance which can cause or promote cancer is called a ____
  9. a process in which the cytoplasm of a cell divides into two roughly equal halves
  10. animals that live in water usually reproduce using ___ fertilization
  11. a normal human body cell contains ____ six chromosomes
  12. a general term for the type of reproduction which requires two parents is ___ reproduction
  13. a single cell produced by fertilization is called a ___
  14. during mitosis in animal cells, paired chromatids are pulled apart by ____ fibres
  15. materials pass from the mother to the embryo through a membrane by the process of ___
  16. organisms which can produce both sperm and ova are called __
  17. chromosomes that are made up of the same kinds of genes and come in pairs are said to be ____

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